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facebok mark zuckerberg

facebok mark zuckerberg

What is Facebok ? People communicate with friends and exchange information aiming to do is a social web site.  Facebok 2006 class on February 4, 2004 Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg founded by facebok, was established primarily for the students of Harvard.  She is also in the vicinity of the school, including facebok, Ivy League schools within two months to cover all. Within the first year; facebok’da all schools in the United States was present.  Members initially concerned only with the school’s e-mail address (. Edu,. Ac.uk, etc..) Members could be.  Then the network into the high schools and some large companies also attended.  On the whole facebok September 11, 2006 e-mail addresses, some age limit opened. Users expressed their networks, high schools, work places or living places as of the show can participate.
As of July 2007, 34 million of the world’s largest university-based users had.

According to Alexa statistics as of October 20, 2007 facebok, world’s 7th most visited is the site. Besides this, Canada, South Africa and Norway’s most visited sites; England and Sweden’s 2nd most visited site, Egypt and Panama’s 3rd, the U.S., Australia and Turkey’s de 5 is the most visited sites. At the same time in Turkish, the most widely used languages other than English is Facebok’da.

Facebok name “paper faceboks from” is. This form A.B.D. university students in the schools, teachers and staff are filled in a form that identifies them.

Currently more than 250 million members bulumaktadır [1].

Site users are free, and revenue from banner ads and sponsored groups are (in April 2006 the weekly income is $ 1.5 million has been suggested). Photos users profiles, interests, secret or open messages and groups of friends are displayed. Profiles display should be visible only to friends or specific networks will not be open to outside limited. According TechCrunch’a; 85% of students in American universities have an account facebok’da and 60% of them are connected each day. 85% of every week, every month, 93% are among those who connect. Facebok spokesman Chris Hughes, the users average 19 minutes each day spend time facebok’da tells.
Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebok

Facebok’s new interface as of March 13, 2009 began to be used in all calculations. However, this interface between users has created a dichotomy. Some users find the interface very successful, while some users are protesting. Facebok executives insist that these new interfaces are for.

In technical terms the facebok, web by authorities as one of the most successful Web 2.0 applications are shown.

In 2006, the MySpace News Corporation has sold out of Facebok’s also rumored to be sold. Zuckerberg does not want to sell the specified Facebok and has denied the rumors.

First bid by Viacom claimed 975 million dollars while; September 2006, Yahoo has $ 1 billion bid. In October, after Google bought YouTube, facebok has not bid for 2.3 billion dollars.

Facebok executive Peter Thiel, the value of Facebok’s 8 billion dollars in revenues and that the project is $ 1 billion for the year 2015, has said.

October 24, 2007; Microsoft Facebok% 1.6 lık of the shares acquired by paying 240 million dollars. Google and other companies also share a similar method to facebok is addressed.

Facebok’s monthly 100 million in August 2008 there were active. People called each other on Facebok and that number has doubled in 7 months. In 2009 April the number of people have reached this social network was 200 million. In a short period of four months in July 2009 the number of Facebok users has reached 250 million, increasing by 50 million more. [2]

Facebok with an application starting July 23 in 2009, Yahoo has introduced a possibility to reach the site from within.

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