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facebok mark zuckerberg

facebok mark zuckerberg

What is Facebok ? People communicate with friends and exchange information aiming to do is a social web site.  Facebok 2006 class on February 4, 2004 Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg founded by facebok, was established primarily for the students of Harvard.  She is also in the vicinity of the school, including facebok, Ivy League schools within two months to cover all. Within the first year; facebok’da all schools in the United States was present.  Members initially concerned only with the school’s e-mail address (. Edu,. Ac.uk, etc..) Members could be.  Then the network into the high schools and some large companies also attended.  On the whole facebok September 11, 2006 e-mail addresses, some age limit opened. Users expressed their networks, high schools, work places or living places as of the show can participate.
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