Facebok FarmVille What is?

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Game is one of the most popular applications Facebok Farmville. This is a game and other games such as facebok, the game’s objective is to connect you to Facebok. That leads you to enter a regular basis facebok. The aim of this game and earn money to cultivate your fields, and this money is spent. In a short time millions of people are playing Farmville. We recommend you to try if you have not previously played.

To find friends to chat or facebok as well as users with a lot of activities are fun. This game is one of Farmville. Farmville game’s 45 million are a full facebok. Turkey’s population of 75 million when this figure really amazes us. Topic of this game is as follows. Are you a farmer eggplant, tomatoes, etc.. are added. You will need this additional watering tomatoes. If you do not irrigate strawberries, tomatoes will rot. Also at the farm with the beautiful can tabs. You can get in the game in different friends. This game was first played by overseas. Yen in our country can begin a new play. This game also you should not grab too much.

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