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facebook farmville

facebook farmville

Earn money to start the game with Farmville Facebok first need to create your field. It first started creating Plow Tool and select the fields. Brown color in the fields you create will be. In this case, when you can start to add. Plow the field to create a useful tool. Immediately to the right objects or fields Delete Tool to delete the existing utilities. Plant / harvest the crop tool is for. Plant seeds at harvest to collect bread and means. With this tool you do not have the field ready to October you would your new field. After you click this tool to prepare the field, seed purchase screen will appear that market. Here you get the best seed and will ekecek your field. According ├že┼čitine seed 4 hours, 12 minutes to 1 hour waiting period at the end and it will collect maturing fruits and vegetables. In this way you’ll earn money.
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