Facebok Application Fundamentals of architecture

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Facebok Application Fundamentals of architecture, Also like to mention briefly the application architecture facebok am. To find this topic quite a while I got my first because I was in two minds. Our architecture has a very unusual because. First, if your application is running on your own server. For this, you will use language that supports a service provider you need. If you still do not have a server hosting service is a long time and I’m glad I can recommend the company called HostGator. The main section of your application running facebok’ta canvas is called. When users register to apply and the canvas page of each entry is coming. Canvas also has costs under control and you facebok a page surrounding your application.

Enter your user to apply the user’s browser does a request to the server facebok. in the background to this request facebok your server sends. Software running on your server to connect to the server API ID facebok query, the user queries, etc. After making the necessary action such as this by generating FBML in response to the first query is sent to the server facebok. this response in the processing of your FBML facebok format and is sent to the user’s browser.

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