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Facebok Application Fundamentals of architecture, Also like to mention briefly the application architecture facebok am. To find this topic quite a while I got my first because I was in two minds. Our architecture has a very unusual because. First, if your application is running on your own server. For this, you will use language that supports a service provider you need. If you still do not have a server hosting service is a long time and I’m glad I can recommend the company called HostGator. The main section of your application running facebok’ta canvas is called. When users register to apply and the canvas page of each entry is coming. Canvas also has costs under control and you facebok a page surrounding your application.

Enter your user to apply the user’s browser does a request to the server facebok. in the background to this request facebok your server sends. Software running on your server to connect to the server API ID facebok query, the user queries, etc. After making the necessary action such as this by generating FBML in response to the first query is sent to the server facebok. this response in the processing of your FBML facebok format and is sent to the user’s browser.

In fact, this process is not a way foreign for API users. Inside a DIV element on the page that looks to fill it with AJAX. Difference, you have submitted and processed by the server facebok FBML canvas be placed inside the user is sent. The “processing” I want to underline the word. During this process, such as special FBML code converted to disallow some of the HTML element is also removed. Until recently it was banned elements, including the Javascript. However, recently issued, albeit limited javascript is supported by FBJS. In this way no longer possible to use AJAX in your software. A warning to those who want to use FBJS, javascript can be used to abuse because of their properties and methods used FBJS changing many uses Javascript. Therefore, a very steep learning curve has. In particular DOM objects contain all the features of the processing methods had to leave. Many methods are available for security reasons. Detailed information on this subject can be found at the FBJS page.

The user profile access to your application is using a different method. Was prevented by memory for facebok profile pages, with the help of this information to the server API to push (Push) is required. Let’s say your application to a user’s page by adding a box in user-related information to show a team. Profile loading facebok, servers receive this information by connecting to your server instead of the previously submitted your application facebok’a using FBML block. This architecture, although accustomed also have distinct advantages. And during a visit to each profile as you make the request to the server does not load, as well as faster loading of the profile allows. Of course, the disadvantage of the need to change the profile information contained in your application must indicate that we can update the profile with the API. Fortunately, in practice this often is triggered from the application. The rest is for on a regular basis to update and develop an application architecture is required.

In addition, those who want to use Javascript in Facebok profile page, a warning again. Much more limited in your profile page as Javascript is not allowed. That’s why we encourage you not to use unless forced.

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