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Programming knowledge and with a little experiment with your own application on facebok can easily deploy. First I would like to specify that my relationship with facebok is not based on the past too. I must admit that my expectations quite on facebok output. Very active and attractive structure connected with me for a long time per screen. I found my old friends, or they do not expect ever found me. Interestingly, most of these people have come to the site at regular intervals. In fact this situation is not too surprising, because in my opinion and one that makes facebok so popular until the beginning of the factors that allow mobility applications is facebok.

Facebok application add-ons that have been written mostly by others. What can you find if you search, does almost none. Games fan club, photo album, information from the thousands of types of applications are. These applications with a few mouse clicks you can add and you can use. Many of these applications interact with your profile pages and your friends are.

facebok applications in the near future will be a huge marketing power is not too hard to predict. Will already newer movies, books application can be met. Effect of Harry Potter fans still continues.

Not too difficult to develop applications for facebok. If you’re familiar with some web developers have to learn a little enthusiasm, your will spend a few sleepless nights in pleasant, but the main idea is quite simple to solve. Were quite generous in this regard facebok’da. Prepared for application development on their very comprehensive API documentation, code samples for various languages, have prepared a discussion platform and a wiki.

Application of everyone who wants to develop his first application Developer is required to install profiles. With this application, the new system can save your application and can receive the necessary API key. Documentation, client libraries for various languages and code examples can be found at the facebok Developer page. For more information and examples can be found in the Developer Wiki page. facebok picture as PHP (4 and 5) and Java API libraries detekliyor. But from the site Actionscript, Cocoa, ColdFusion,. NET, Perl, Python, Ruby, and VB.NET to access the library possible.

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